NFL Players Making the Most Money Right Now

November 25, 2016 in Player Reviews

The Largest Contracts In The NFL Today 

The NFL is a big-money league that pays its finest players money most fans can only dream of. This article is the story of a few players who are making the most money in the league, and the names will not surprise the avid fan. Casual fans may learn quite a bit as they review the state of contracts in the NFL, how they are written and how much money players wish to make upfront.

#1: A Few Players Fans Might Not Know

A list of the fifteen highest-paid players in the NFL begins with:

  • Trent Williams
  • Cameron Jordan
  • Luke Kuechly
  • Olivier Vernon

The first four men on the list are often forgotten because they do not play premiere positions. Jordan, Williams and Vernon are workhorses on their respective teams, and only Luke Kuechly is known for his superstar qualities. Some of the highest-paid players in the league are paid so much because they are necessities instead of stars.

#2: Julio Jones, Drew Brees And AJ Green

Julio Jones had a 300-yard receiving game. AJ Green is one of the best skill position players in the league, and Drew Brees will waltz into the hall of fame on his first ballot. Each of these men earns the money paid in his contract, but each contract is loaded with incentives and signing bonuses. Players in the NFL who make large sums of money typically receive a pro-rated signing bonus, and their base salary is relatively low.

#3: Marcell Dareus

Marcell Dareus plays for the Buffalo Bills in a market where he is not seen often. He is one of the best defensive players in the league, and he is paid as such. His performances in Buffalo are missed by viewers because the team is buried in the TV schedule, but he keeps the Bills in many of their games with his skill. He is paid well because he is a talent the Bills are lucky to have and wish to keep.

#4: Philip Rivers, Russell Wilson and Tom Brady

Three quarterbacks sitting near the top of a highest-paid list is not at all surprising. Each quarterback is essential to his team’s success, but fans may argue that Philip Rivers is overpaid as the Chargers are not successful. The franchise in San Diego does not do well by Philip, and there are instances in which quarterbacks are hall of fame talents stuck on bad teams. Archie Manning comes to mind

#5: Joe Flacco And Eli Manning

Joe Flacco and Eli Manning are highly-paid because they have Super Bowl rings on their fingers. Eli Manning has two titles, and Joe Flacco beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl. These two men were paid shortly after their wins in the Super Bowl, and they propel their teams forward every season. They are leaders who garner high praise and pad their stats every season. It is difficult to ignore how much they mean to their teams, but they have not deferred any money for other parts of the roster.

#6: Cam Newton

Cam Newton is the highest-paid player in the league at present because he is the MVP and leads the team emotionally. He is a young man who has burst onto the scene with quite a lot of passion for the game, and he shows that passion as he plays. Paying Cam Newton is a profitable exercise for the Panthers as they seek another Super Bowl berth.

These men all deserve the money they are paid as they lead their teams to great success in the NFL.